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I love this game it is so much fun I love it because I in enjoy and playing

Really fun game

I have had this game a very long time and I think I is really fun but I hate the new challenges and I think you should make them optional

The events needs to last longer!!!

It’s ridiculously short!! The events are fun and amazing but there is no way to finish in the three days allotted.


This game is fun for a bit, but once you notice how little this game cares about anyone unwilling to drop the big bucks you won’t be able to enjoy it anymore. If the micro transactions were more reasonably priced and felt less necessary game would be much better.


This game could be very fun if it weren’t for the difficulty leveling up without spending money. When activated the life orbs are used to open more land. However it’s almost impossible to direct what area you want to open. This means you have to use 5000 life energies to open one square which may contain a chest that requires pink crystals. Those crystals are very hard to get without spending lots of real money. Overall, I’m disappointed in the game due to the greed. I understand the reason for making these games is to make money but this games greed is excessive. I truly wanted to like this game too.

Recent event

I sunk time into your event this weekend and it said there was still time left so I timed it out to finish the event this morning. Then when I woke up, according to the timer I should’ve still been able to play the event. But the event was over. This was the final straw I’m not playing your game anymore.

Not enough dragons for a game about dragons

I saw this game on an ad in a different app and thought it looked fun, so I decided to try it. The premise is very cute, merging items is satisfying and the puzzles are fun. The issue I have with the game is that I have spent more time stockpiling supplies for big merges than I have actually merging dragons. I’ve barely gotten past the second “growth” stage of the few dragons I have and honestly, I’m bored of wrangling the little monsters to harvest things I actually need instead of destroying things I want them to leave alone. If you’re ok with a bit of tedious gameplay, you might like this game. It wasn’t engaging enough for me and I got tired of grinding.

really glitchy for me

at first my game was working perfectly fine and then out of no where it started glitching a ton. for example, once my dragons are done resting they can only do one activity and then go straight back to resting for 20 minutes.


I paid for the same chest for 9 purple diamonds three time and a Chevy for 23 diamonds twice could this be corrected so I can get credit for the diamonds. Game needs a update

Zero in game support.

Overall the game was good while I could play it. I’ve had a major glitch in my game and they won’t even acknowledge my support tickets. I expect that if I spent real money.. maybe they would attempt to keep a customer playing. Nope. I contacted support five times over a 23 day period with zero replies. Not very professional.

Addicting but way too many glitches!

Merging is fun till the time the game doesn't make a fool out of your time. It seems they have an algorithm to prevent 5 things to merge. It will merge 3 things over the 5 you have waited so long to collect!! It's plain foolish! Then everything requires money. All the dragon chests need money to open even if you've won them on a level- ridiculous! The most ridiculous occurrence was when I merged level 4 dragons to get the egg nest for level 7 dragons - instead of adding 330 as dragon power it only added 180 so I have to wait longer to clear all the evil fog! Yeah the creators are making absolute fools after getting you hooked! Plain STUPID!


Used to be great, albeit time consuming. But since the introduction of chalices, and the fact they cap at 7 while most levels cost 4 or more, there’s very little chance to play anymore. You might get to play 3 levels in an hour, and they take maybe 2 minutes to finish.

Can we please?

I wish the developers would make a menu of all the merge item trees I wish they would put in a option to lock a specific dragon to harvest a specific object until it ran out of energy

This app is a stealer

I went in and have being playing for little over 6 and a half months and it stole my more that I was trying to buy gems then I never even received them


I really like the game (I'm not too far but it's fun right now) but you have to wait too long for chalices. When I finally had enough to go onto the next level, I realized that I had a chest that was done so that I could have extra room for the new one. The game said it would save, so I assumed I could continue without cost, but now I have to wait for four more chalices. It just takes too much time!


This one of the few app games that I actually enjoy, so thank you!


I absolutely loved this game on my old IPhone SE, and I'm very disappointed to learn that my new phone, which is ALSO A IPHONE SE, apparently isn't compatible with the game. My phone's up to date and is listed under compatibility. Again, disappointed.

Fun game but way too many problems that need fixing

Like other reviews say, the only way to play the game at a slightly faster pace is if you spend real money on in game perks. I won’t go too into detail about that since a lot of reviews already covered that, but I’ve only seen a few mention the problem with the chalices. Waiting an HOUR just for one chalice is insane, especially when most levels require you to spend 6 or 7 chalices the farther you go. So you have to wait 6 or 7 hours just to play ONE level. Then you have to wait another 7 hours to play the next level. And there’s only so much you can do at camp until all of your dragons sleep after harvesting just a few items. It takes way too long to barely advance in the game. If you want people to actually play the game, I suggest fixing the issue with the chalices. It takes way too long just to get a chalice and the amount of chalices needed to play a level is ridiculous. If you’re going to make the cost of levels all 7 chalices, you need to reduce the wait time for chalices from an hour to fifteen or twenty minutes. I really want to love this game but I may end up deleting it because of how frustrating it is. The game requires you to invest a lot of time (and potentially money) for very little reward. Don’t recommend this game for anyone with a short attention span or busy schedule.

At first glance this app looked boring

I must say what I like about this app is that it’s SIMPLE!! Doesn’t take forever to load and the objective of the game is straight to the point. At first I was like wth why do I have to merge them this is weird. As I played through the game though I’m relieved at how simple it is to just merge all the dragons!!

Love the game

I love the game my only problem with the game is when I have internet and the game wants to say I have no internet for the special event I get so far then it says can’t connect but I am connected to internet or els how can I Wright a review so not far please fix it it happens now twice where I missed out on some really cool things

Love it

So love this game very addictive and its a great way to pass time

Holiday Level

I thought the holiday levels looks so fun. However, why does it all have to be extra dead?? You then spend all your time harvesting hearts, which becomes very tedious very quickly. It quickly becomes disheartening. Couldn't you mix in regular dead, so it's not all so hard? Feeling bummed.

I love the game, having trouble with my purchase!

Back in February I had two accounts. One on my phone and one on my iPad. I had on each account the daily gems. Something happened and the account on my iPad got erased and the account on my phone went to both devices. When this happened BOTH subscriptions stopped. I immediately emailed the support team. No response. I waited a month and still nothing (March) so I emailed them asking for at least a response. Here it is April now Two months. I said in my email I don’t want a refund and I’m not even asking them to bring back the other account. I just want the gems that I paid for. Since I can’t get any one to respond I won’t be paying for any extras till they at least acknowledge me as a customer. ( I’ve invested nearly $30 in the game because I feel it’s worth it when it works)

Very addictive

Only issue is it would be nice if we can turn off the dragons auto working. They mess me up so much by undoing things I do. Also no one monitors the contact us page, I have messaged them many times but no reply I feel they don’t care and only care about getting money because most things in the game will cost money, like opening most of the chest (which is half the quest they send you) and building you chests seems pointless because the final chest is mostly chest you have to pay to open. Stop caring about money so much and give us something purely fun.

Was super fun

I like this game but now I can’t merge my dragons the little dragon guy in the circle every time I touch it my phone freezes and I have to close out & restart the game and it says I have 45 dragons that need merged. 😢 the game worked perfectly until I did the update.

I love this game

However it does cost a lot to open chest

Best game ever

The only thing I have against this game is you guys need to give out a few more purple gems it’s an amazing game keeps my mind working so I don’t get bored with it at all I play it every day and time sure does fly bye

Asks for money too much

This game would be a lot of fun but it asks you for money, real money not the virtual coins you earn, to play. You can’t open chests or play levels unless you spend cash. I have deleted it.

Level progression based on chance

Yep my title says it all. I’m stuck on a level that needs a mushroom to progress the only problem? There’s one single bit of water which is supposed to give me that mushroom. Only you guessed it. It’s not doing that. There’s literally no way for me to get passed that part, I have to reset the level over and over again. And it’s not like I can try again right away because of how much it costs to play the level. If I’ve been trying to beat one level for over a week somethings obviously wrong with your set up.

You need to make challenges longer!

I love this game but the challenges (like the Easter one for example) are just to short! I only got to get a few things from the prize list! Can you at least make them five days? Please? I will be SO happy if you do!


I can’t trade with the boat on most days. It shows me the offer and the reward but dose not allow me to give her the item. Please fix now! And will also not allow me to buy things some times that I have enough coins or bricks for. Please fix this. Other then that I love the game.

too many force buys

my whole camp is cluttered with chests i can only buy with gems please remove them.

Need more to do

It’s pretty fun, but I ran out of levels a while ago


For some reason I can’t stop playing.

It’s great but not great

I’ve been playing for several months, have spent quite a bit of real life money in the game. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to get cloud save to work on my iOS devices. I’ve tried everything to changing Facebook settings, making new Facebook accounts, etc. but to no avail. There was supposed to be an update for this exact issue back in the 1.7.1 update however, it’s still never worked for me. The amount of chalices it costs to play the levels now since the recent big update makes it hard and annoying to play. I’m close to giving up on the game unless someone from the game development team can help fix this issue. Thanks

Love the game

But there is. A problem with the language change button. My little sis was playing with it and couldn't change it back because it doesn't scroll. I had to reinstall the whole app. 👌🏻

Stolen dragons and gems

There are a lot of in store purchases you have to make which I have done but today as I was playing, I had advanced my life dragons to the epic level and my egg baskets disappeared along with all my previous earned life dragons. I bought the extra basket of eggs and cost me 450 gems and they are gone too


I get notifications for events but the Easter event never showed up and I know I won’t get the Earth Day event (if it hasn’t started already) I love the game! I really do, but when our games don’t get special events that you send out it makes it a little discouraging. Please fix this!!

deleted my progress

i play this game 24/7. just updated and it took me back about 2 months in progress.....


I love the game. I just wish it was quicker to get chalices back and easier to get the jewels.

Performance Issues

Ok, so I enjoy the game like most other people here except for the pay to win aspect but no one seems to mention how much of a toll this game takes on your phone. I will play for about an hour and this game will eat up about a third of my battery life and heat my phone up to a ridiculous temperature. Because of this I don’t play the game as often because I don’t want it to eat up all my battery cycles, so please fix this.

Great until...

When I downloaded the game it was fun and exciting collecting dragons and different level items. Once my gems got low is when things began to go downhill. I was able to make a few in app purchases and all of a sudden my purchases were never delivered. Tried everything restarting my phone, the app, the restore purchases button, contact us, re-purchasing the items... all to no avail. I was never contacted about my issue, still can’t purchase gems and now my camp is filled with egg chest that I can’t open without gems! Which brings me to another fault in the game all the good items require gems! Lol what a joke!! You can rack up on coins and bricks but the gems come few and in between. So after making over $60 of purchases without getting what I paid for I had to request a refund through iTunes. Still on fix on my my opinion download and use with caution when making purchases they just want $$$$$🤬


So this version apparently fixed the special holiday item known as the Super Bun-Bun, which was SUPPOSED to be tapable for exclusive basket dragon eggs. Since the item wasn’t working properly for weeks I sold it for the stated price of 2000 coins. Just found out they fixed, but now mine is gone forever, and I didn’t even get the 2000 coins when I sold it. That’s pretty crappy, considering how much time and effort went into earning it the first place!


I am so ready to step away from this stupid game! No matter how much I love it I DESPISE YOUR STUPID CHALLANGES! Level seven Challange is basically unbeatable unless you spend money. Start fixing your crap or frag of with this!

Great game, needs more levels

Awesome game but totally needs another update


Can’t find my original review. The app creators reached out and made things right for not receiving my bonus items. Wish the dragons would go after higher level items instead of the lower item. Also, when upgrading (example : coin storage ) does anyone know if wait time gets lower. I feel like it still takes forever to spawn. Same thing when challenges arrive to click on prism flowers. Either way I’m still playing so thank you. Will continue to look for original review to update there.


Fun! I like the challenges! Def would love more challenges

Love the app....but

I loved this app. Super addicting. I had an issue with gems and I emailed customer service and never heard back. I would have give 5 stars....but they obviously don’t care about you even if you spend money on the app. You have been warned.


The game is fun, but when a “glitch” caused me not to get everything I paid REAL money for and their response was thanks for pointing out the will be fixed in an update, but we won’t reimburse you in any way

Why bother

The game used to be a nice way to pass time. Guess you have to make people waste money on your game somehow. Liked it when it first came out. Must of been to hard to make money off of it that way.

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