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merge dragons

I love playing the game with the grandkids but you end up with too many chests and barely any gems to open them unless you pay real cash for them. I’ve only been playing about a month and I have about 60 chests I can’t do anything with and they’re taking up so much space I’m probably going to have to quit. I’ve already spent more real cash on things inside this game than I have for and entire game you have to pay to play. I’m not happy I spent the cash now that I’ve seen the problem with the chests You rarely get gems, it takes forever to get challises to play the levels to even begin to MAYBE get a gem or two and the chests require anywhere from 9 to 750 gems to open! If you have to keep buying gems my review on liking the game is no longer 5 stars ... seems a bit greedy for the amount you’d have to spend.

Too much crashing

I’m enjoying it a lot, but the crashes keep erasing my progress and rewards. Rather annoying.

The events

You make the events to come and go in a weak

Great Game

Great game helps time go by so much fun to play😁

Pros & Cons

I enjoy game play but to progress at a satisfying pace I would need to open the egg chests I am constantly being awarded, which costs money. I currently have over 50 unopened chests cluttering my playing field in “camp” mode. How is it an award if I have to pay to open it? I can not delete them either. I just have to move them to the side so I don’t have them making a mess. Update: I just paid 11 dragon gems for a bonus chest, and inside the chest were 5 smaller chests that I have to pay 11+ gems to open. What the heck!? I couldn’t complete the most recent event, despite being CONSTANTLY on my phone and leaving my phone awake so the dragons could harvest more quickly. The cost of completion should I have decided I desperately needed the coveted prizes? Nearly $50USD worth of dragon gems. Imagine you didn’t have an amazing amount of free time to play? It would have been more. Quite a bit more. I had to walk away from the final 3 tiers of prizes. I didn’t need a mushroom house that badly. Or 2 dragons I didn’t already have, though if it were less costly- I may have considered it. 560 gems just for a decoration. No way. That would price out between $10-20USD. This game is crazy expensive.

Best game ever

Fun fun fun !!!!!!!

Awesome game but on question!?

I love this game so much! It’s a good game to waste extra time and the dragons are so cute. The game is not that hard to learn either. I have one question though... When I was healing land on my camp I healed a dragon chest and I moved it then the ground under it was purple. Is that a glitch or part of the game? All in all it is a great game though!


I’ve been playing this game since it came out and even played the old version and it has always ran smoothly. These last few weeks it’s gotten very glitchy. My dragons keep disappearing when I try and merge and I’ve invested a lot into this game to have level 7 dragons randomly disappear. Please fix the issue or I won’t spend another dollar on the game.


This game is very confusing. Little to no directions and basic directions. I would not recommend. The only reason it got two stars is because it is addicting.

Can’t play for a lot of time

So this game is good overall, but there’s a problem. When I play, I always end up having all of my dragons asleep and no chalices to play the adventure. So then I have nothing to do and I’m bored.

Chalices and gems! Oh my!

I love the game. Oh how I love the game. Unfortunately, as many others have said, the developers seem to want nothing but money (actual real world money) for you in order to make real progress. Also the exorbitant amount of time it takes to refill chalices when a lot of levels take most, or all, of your chalices to play is ridiculous.

Thieves and Crooks

They took my money and gave me NOTHING for it. A month ago I tried to make a gems purchase. It never went through and I’ve tried SEVERAL times to contact the developer and get the purchase restored, to no avail. I only ever get the automated response of “request received”. They have THE WORST “customer support” that I’ve ever seen in my life, and I work retail!!! TLDR; don’t get this game and NEVER buy anything from it unless you want to risk being robbed.


It is so amazing how they did all of this I love dragons and there are funny I give it a 5 stars if something goes wrong 4 and a half of stars


So addictive and relaxing!

Fun game

Fun game and graphics are okay. I’m addicted

I love this game but can you please fix challenge 26

Challenge 26 is broken the locked areas can not be unlocked because it’s jus pure black it looks like coins but apparently it won’t let me put it there so please fix

Addicting, but needs work

1) give the opportunity to delete, or sell chests. I have 2/3 of my land covered with chests that I can’t get rid of. 2) somebody else mentioned this, but the challenges are way too hard. It’s nearly impossible to get anything done in one minute. They are right, you are forced to purchase things with Jim’s that are impossible to get. I am quickly approaching deletion point and I love the game. I’ve already spent five dollars just for the heck of it, but I’m not spending anymore. Period As an aside, the money that I did spend did not yield 30 days of free gems. I’m very frustrated because I got robbed.

It could be better

Awesome game but it’s super laggy and buggy

FED UP w/ Lack of Support & Disregard of Investing Customers

ZERO STARS ****************************** DO NOT PLAY..! Horrible Customer Service..! All of my hard earned, hundreds of stolen Dragons & Dragon Power never returned. I’ve even invested $$$ monthly on gems.... they don’t even appreciate to help a buying customer. BEWARE....BEWARE....BEWARE....BEWARE ZERO STARS ****************************** Well, I guess I can call this game a WRAP. It’s been well over a month & I still have not had my problem solved. Your Customer Service response & trouble shooting department is “Atrocious”...! I’m quite upset about not being able to play this game, because I really did enjoy & didn’t mind much Investing in purchasing Gems for it. I guess that’s more money in my pocket for some other similar App. I will also be spreading the word to all I know & on Social Media to stay away from your company..! ******************************* FINAL ATTEMPT This is my final attempt to get some type of support regarding my game issues. I’ve written on each “help” platform you have regarding my dragon that disappeared & their dragon power. If I don’t hear from someone REAL SOON, I’m going to make sure I let everyone I know about your poor customer service & the disrespect you have for people that have invested money into your game. I will let them know by word of mouth & all social media platforms to not play ANY of your games or software. As I stated many times before, this has been my top game to play for a while & now it’s been taken away due to something that can easily be fixed if you guys would take the time to serve your customers. ****************************** THIRD ATTEMPT Now, I am quite upset w/ this company. As you will see, I’ve attempted to get some type of help from someone in this company. I’ve sent the following “Help Requests” that was emailed to you guys over the past 4 days & a “Conversation Thread” created under the “Contact Us” icon in the “Game Setting” menu. In the problem ticket, I have expressed how much I enjoy playing this game & have made purchases. So to not get SOME TYPE of response other than “My request has been received” is UNACCEPTABLE & UNPROFESSIONAL. I would appreciate my DRAGONS that have disappeared & DRAGON POWER be restored, soon. ****************************** SECOND ATTEMPT This following request was sent on April 30, 2018 via the two ways mentioned above: Helllloooo... it’s been a few days & no one has responded or fixed my problem. Please restore my Dragons & the Dragon Power I lost. I noticed the issue on 4/26/2018.... maybe this will help. I’m getting very concerned now & impatient since no one has responded or rectified the problem. ****************************** FIRST ATTEMPT This first request was sent on April 28, 2018, also via the two options mentioned above: This is currently my favorite game & I’ve invested quite some time & some money in playing this game. Yesterday I noticed that all my dragons have disappeared & my dragon power. I would appreciate your prompt help in fixing this issue. Thank you..! Shelby Cook


I have played this for a good while. However, due to recent update, I can no longer play to game. It crashes before opening.

Fun but...

I love it but I wish you could interact with the dragons and I hate that you have to use gems to open the chests at camp...

You spend more time waiting to play than actually playing

This game is fun when you can actually play it. I think the 7 chalice limit is unreasonable because most of the levels I am in right now cost 7 to play. It takes an hour to refill a chalice so that means I can play a second level in 7 hours! Playing only 2 levels a day is so boring! I would really prefer a game that challenges me intellectually instead of challenging the amount of time I can spend playing/not playing it. Like I said, when you can actually play the game it is fun, just wish I could actually play it more.


I enjoy playing

Extremely addicting but to a price

The game is extremely fun and wonderfully made. The only problem are the chest that take gems to open. Gems are extremely hard to come by unless you buy them so it'd be nice if we could use coin to unlock them since coin is only really used to buy dragon eggs and level 1 coin storage. Besides that it truly is a wonderful game Edit I’m changing my 5 star rating to 3 star rating. Although I still love this game and am still addicted to it I can’t help but get mad when it seems as if it’s slowly turning into a money hungry game. Gems cost money, going through some quest cost money, chest cost money, getting the bonus items cost money, new islands cost money. I used to be happy paying just for the island and maybe some gems every few months or so but now it feels like everything is starting to cost more and I miss how it was when everything didn’t cost so much. And this is coming from a person who has beat all the level and has beat half of them three times and a few of them more than 9 times. Who has unlocked more than half the base also. Plus after totally all my purchases I’ve spent over 80$ on this game. I just wish it was easier to get things outside of the levels without it cost so much. Maybe we can watch ads for gems?? Or to skip quest ?? I wouldn’t mind at all


This game would be much better if there was an option to pay to skip challenges.

Fun Game but My home base is stuck

Im having trouble moving my home base around, it’s literally glitched out and I can’t move it around. Tried resetting the game, Uninstalling and Reinstalling. It doesn’t work :(

Storage vaults reset???

Before this last update my storage vault somehow reset for both coins and brick to 100 max. I still have mutiple vaults on my camp map including a gigantic coin vault which it’s self is a 10,000 coin vault. I can’t buy anything as my storage only goes to 100 and even a level 1 tattered coin vault is 801.


Good game

Mostly good?

His game is addicting and fun! However there are way too many things that cost gems. The gems are also really expensive and deplete very fast. The fairy event they’re doing right now is tedious and not very fun. They made it too reliant on farming, which is the most boring part about this game. They really need to rethink the gem structure. Edit: stuck on an impossible challenge level right now. I even used my gems to get helping items and I’m still stuck. Lowering my star rating because normally the challenges can be ignored, but this won’t let me go to the next levle

Merge dragon is great fun

A different kind of merge three game. You get to play with dragons , solve puzzles and grow a garden

The best

This. Game. Is. Addicting.

Can’t play

I absolutely love this game! But the game has been frozen for about a week and I can’t move around the screen . I even tried to redownload the game and it didn’t help!

I lost my 3 level 4 dragons!

I love this game, but I am incredibly upset by the fact that when I merged my three level 4 crimson dragons, I did not get a level 5 dragon. Instead, I got a nest of sapphire dragon eggs and lost all of the dragon power that those dragons had provided. It took me a long time to get that dragon and it would have been my highest level dragon, too. Unfortunately there is no way to undo a merge after it happens, so I’m stuck. Hopefully there is something that can be done to fix this.


So I’ve been playing this game for months taking my time and trying not to spend real money on it. I’ve gotten to the point where if I wanted to enjoy more of the game it was inevitable that real currency had to be given. I’m trapped on challenge level 16 with no end in sight. I had gotten a few dragons over level 5 but when I went to level this last one it disappeared. I’m so fed up.

Love it

Highly addictive fun.

Great game

I play it whenever I have free time, but you have to wait a long time for lives to be refilled.

Glitch need assistance

Merged three of my level 50 dragons and they just disappeared

Woot woot

It’s great


I love this game I just wish gems were more readily available without paying

Md is awesome 😎

Md doesn’t that many adds and u can play for as long as u want. It tells you when all of yr dragons are asleep and when you are in progress in a level. I l💖ve MD❣️


Love the complexity of what seems to be a very simple game.

Fun game

Definitely fun, easy to spend a lot of money to save time if you tend to do that. So far, there hasn’t been any content which requires real money, though.

It’s fun but the adds take away from it

I love this game and so does my sister but it would help with the fun if there was no adds. I know it’s for sponsorship but still it would help if there were no adds or just less

Great! Except...

I love this game and i’m absolutely addicted and I play it every single day...but i get so frustrated because the dragons get up for like 2 seconds and then go back to sleep! It’s so annoying, I can’t do anything except collect from like 2 plants and then i have to wait 20 minutes. To the creators of this app, can you please update this and make the dragons not get “too tired” every 2 seconds??? Please!

It’s ok

I really enjoy the game except for one thing, the purple gems are difficult to come by. They really want to force you to buy them. I will eventually get tired of no other option and will delete the game.

Less down time

It’s great game and I’m addicted but I have wait hours for my chalices to recharge. At least cut that by half. Make getting the purple gems easier such as is with the coins and silver bricks. Other than that it’s a fun game.

Having fun, earning loads of chests

Having fun, earning loads of chests, building many Dragons. Unable to open the chests. I don’t have enough gems to open them so I merge them, have Huge chests. Haven’t been able to learn how to earn the gems. Losing lots of “Rewards “ because of this. No Cheats of any kind allowed at our house. That means Earn it if you want it.

Millions of updating!

I only gave this game 2 stars because every each events need the game to be updated! I have already missed 2 events which this made me so mad. I got only 1.5 hrs left for the last event! I will quit this game if I miss another event.


It’s a great game. I’ll give it that. It’s always exiting when there’s a new event, and when a new update comes out, or when you got the new evolution. But, you make it obvious that you just want money. The huge problem is with dragon jems. There are so many things that cost them, and the only stable way to get them is with money. It would be great if there was an easier way to get dragon games, this game would be nearly perfect. I’m just sayin.

Boring game

So bad that I want to give it 0 ⭐️ now!! You guys should have been able to see Dragon City, it sooooooo bboorriinngg!!

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