Merge Dragons! App Reviews

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Love the game! But app is frozen and you can’t move the screen to view different parts of the map

Love the game but...

I really really wish you could merge the wonders and maybe get a special level 4 dragon or a dragon that really unique. I have so many wonders and they take up so much room but you can’t sell them for much...


Love this game, have had it for a very long time now. Sometimes the levels can be a little too difficult, and things may seem a little too expensive, but overall this is a fun game to pass time. One thing in particular though, is since the update, I haven’t been able to go to the information of items and see their levels, simply because the bar doesn’t show up. I couldn’t do the recent event because it wouldn’t show up on my screen so I don’t know what’s going on with that.


I really enjoyed the game events keeps me entertained

Updates needed!!

Love the game and play all the time. Only complaint is that the world map needs to be updated with more boards more frequently. I’ve been finished with all the available ones for weeks and after several updates and events happening there are still no need boards to play.

Great game but...

This games is great but they are really trying to sell you stuff. You can no longer sell chests that you don’t want in Camp. That’s really frustrating. Now I have all these chests and no room. I liked it before the update and you could sell unwanted chests.


This game is amazing. It’s very addictive I need more levels!its very satisfying to merge and gather stars

Great but one issue

I love this game, it’s really fun and the dragons are cute. Super addictive. BUT, I really wish there was a confirm option for opening chests (also gold and metal), especially the higher level ones because there have been multiple times where I’ve accidentally tapped it with my finger and all that waiting to save up and merge them for higher level items gets ruined. It’s really upsetting

Hot phone

Warning, vet addictive lol love this game, don’t really like that it makes my phone get really hot and drains my battery though.


I love it!

Se necesita actualización

Ya se terminaron todos los niveles y no se puede seguir avanzando, solo jugar en el campamento. Es necesario que lo actualicen pronto. Un juego muy entretenido.


This game is fun and relaxing.


Love the game. Resting times are too long though.

Lost so player

I’m a review from deleting this game. Just after I sank money into it. 1 year of playing. And I dare the makers to challenge my stance. But, they won’t. The premise of this game is fun, however, every little thing costs real-world money. The eggs cost a ridiculous amount of money, you can NOT clear a weekend “level” without committing your entire weekend to it, or about $100. I loved this game, in the beginning. But every single egg costs real money, every square of “land”, every consumable. It used to be fun. But I’ve sunk over $300 into this game and haven't cleared my “camp”. $300 to not even clear the base game. I’m done. This isn’t fun, it isn’t even a viable challenge. It’s a money pit, pure and simple.

Love it but..

I love this game! It’s so entertaining and there is always stuff to do on it. But I really really prefer the side games I just wish they went on a bit longer! That’s where I spend most of my gems!

Money Grabber Game

All it seems they want you to do is spend money. It’s easy to get money and stones..... But when it comes to the gems, that are used to get 90% of anything in the game. They made sure there is only one way to do so, which is..... Spend your real money. Graphics are good, and it’s a good time passer. Other than that..... You’ll more than likely delete the game in a month, due to not much left to do after a certain point. EXCEPT..... You got it!!!! BUY GEMS!!!!




Make events more often

Auto collect events

Literally had thousands of points to collect and my phone glitches and the event was over before I could collect them. They really need an auto collect on your points so it wasn’t a wasted effort


this is a good game


I really love this game! But I have a problem with the coins I’ve collected. I want to get more dragon eggs and they are all over 200 coins at this point. The coin vault tops off at 200 therefore I am unable to get more eggs. The vault compacity should increase as the value of the eggs increase. Please help with this problem. Thanks


The game is fun but hard to get gems and opening the treasure boxes I have a lot but zero gem to open them I sell most of them because I can’t open them sadly but the game is fun thx.

Great game overall

Fun pass time game, it’s not pay to win, although paying for additional content helps a lot, and we all wish we didn’t have to pay for stuff but it’s a free game and actually fun for it being a free game.


🍦🦄❤️🥞😃👍🍦🍦🍦🦄😀😃😄😁😆😂😊🤩😺👍👍👍💍🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🦄🦄🦄🐹🐭🐶🐧🦋🐉🐲🐉🐉🐲🌈. 🌈🦄😃🐞🦋🐱

Best match 3 game Ever!

This style of match 3 is amazing! Everything and I mean everything is match-able! Dragons, flowers, puddles, rocks everything! Love this game! Keep up the good work!


As in the title I said it is amazing but is there a way we could get a button to merge everything possible on a map?

I really like this game!

I’ve had this game for 3-4 months now and I haven’t gotten bored! One thing is that when I go into it it glitches me out! But I think it’s just my internet connection or something? Great game though!


I really love this game it’s so fun!

Drunk pants

A very challenging and fun game, love the little dragons 🐉

Very Entertaining

I’ve spent a lot of time playing this game and it’s really fun. I’ve made a lot of progress and haven’t got bored!

Great game do one thing and you got my five star

Do this one thing. Add feature to flag items to be havested until all space is full on board, do that and you got my five star. A great game though so you still get the 4 star until then


This game is so addictive and fun

Just for robux

I found a website for free robux and it said to download this start it and reach lvl 10

Dragons are dope



This is definitely one of my favorite games, it can be kinda tense and hectic at times but it’s still very fun and honestly kind of relaxing. It’s exciting when you get and unlock new dragons and stuff and The events are very fun too! The Challenge Levels vary some are easy and some are hard and can be stressful especially if you get overwhelmed easily or if time limits make you anxious! But overall this is amazing game! I would highly suggest adding a skip feature to the game so you can skip a Challenge Level if you’re struggling to complete it!


This game is so addicting👍

It is a very fun game I just wish it would be easier to get gems

Thank you!!

Some feedback

I like the new improvements to the app with the new book and all. What I would still recommend is to make the limited time events for dragons easier to achieve. We got lives and can’t be on Merge Dragons all the time so if it was easier to get the dragons, it’d be perfect!



Dragons are useless!!!

Chalices take an hour to refill and you need 3 for each challenge which is ridiculous! In the camp, the dragons are pretty much useless , it doesn’t matter what type or how many you have since they only do about 1 task then they go to sleep. And by they I mean out of all the dragons you have only one comes out of its house to do that one activity, the rest just stay sleeping as the timer resets. It is really frustrating since you need the darn dragons to develop your camp! I thought the point of the game was the dragons. The only thing that you end up doing is either wait to occasionally merge some plants or just leave and come back after a few hours to play JUST 1 level!!!! And did I mention that the upgrade materials keep increasing in price every time you buy one? This game has great potential if they would stop being so money hungry.

Rip off

Do not buy anything on this game they will take your money cause I bought something for 9.99 Nd I didn’t get the thing and they took my money and I’m made and want my money back ASAP

Awsome Game

It is the best game I have ever played!

Love it

I love 💕 this game, but I have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much stuff on my land and I don’t know when I need to merge stuff and we’re the stuff that I need to merge is! What you need to do is to set a list of what you can merge right there and then, kind of like what you did with the dragons list. So please make something like that!

Fun at first...

And then you end up waiting 7 hours just to have enough chalices to play a single level. Absolute waste of time. I’ll be deleting.

Help me!

Please help me. I can’t stop playing this game! It’s so addictive. I’m up all night merging!

Glitch in event

I had the same issue as buzzy 65. Spent hours collecting all of the event items and went back to camp to collect them. I hit the orb and even merged a few eggs before my game glitched and closed itself. I reloaded to find that everything from the event was gone. Not just a couple of items. EVERYTHING. I’ve emailed support, but so far no response. I spent a lot of time on the event, so I’d like to see my rewards returned please. Update: The game contacted me and gave me a code for a lot of gems, but they were not able to replace any of the event items or dragons that I lost.

Would get 5 stars BUT

The game is great I was instantly addicted and had fun playing the game. However my only issue with this game is the fact that you get a measly 7 chalices to play levels. It’s not fair that some levels require 1, 4, SIX??? The seem like a marketing ploy and I’m not falling for it. You all off to allow people to play the game freely without chalices OR make every level a certain amount, it is not fair to the player to only be able to play one or two levels. Maybe offer the idea that you can have infinite chalices? Also, I should be able what to mark in my camp my Stanton’s do not auto magically go harvest. There should be a way to turn off auto harvesting in general and on specific things in camp or levels, dragons waste their energy harvesting things I do not need and didn’t tell them to do. It’s annoying and inconvenient. Either way it goes I feel the chalice idea is foolish. Makes people not want to play because you can only play a short time.

The game is good, but...

I have to take off 2 stars because I had no idea about the chalices until I ran out of them, and I wasted them playing the same level over and over instead of progressing the game. If you have to use an item to play a level, they should tell you right away. Secondly, who decided the best business model for a game was to keep people from playing your game? I’d rather pay for a game all at once rather than in incriments for something dumb. I’m taking off a star because this is making me mad thinking about how dumb it is to forcefully put up barriers to keep someone from enjoying a game without spending a bunch of money.

Sleeping dragons

I really like this game even after having it for a few hours but MY GOODNESS the sleep time for these dragons is killing me, I thought by leveling up the houses they would sleep faster (they do) BUT only one comes out at a time, I have 9.!. I wish more would come out at a time, a dragon does maybe two thing and then goes back to sleep.!. And the chalice refill is a bit long too, a hour for ONE.?. Maybe 30 minutes for one would be better, help keep people interested in playing the game, other than those two things, I really like the game.

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