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The game is way too laggy to play

Lately the game has been so laggy I can’t properly play the game and I’ll select things instead of being able to merge things which is the opposite of the point of the game. I’ve wasted chalices to play some games and haven’t been able to finish to my satisfaction.

Dragon lover

Love this game, and specially the dragons

Good good good

I really like it! And if anybody's watched Steven universe it's kind of like fusion!

Wonderful game!

This game is so very addicting and fun.


I absolutely love the game but I won’t be playing at anymore. I was REALLY into it and have paid for a few small things because I love the game so much. I got a new phone though. I was unaware of the saving thing. All of my other games save and when I download everything from the App Store, it loads my stuff back up. I lost everything on this game and I am not will I go to start over and spend money on things that I already did. I love the game but it is not worth it for me. I hope everyone else loves it and that you don’t mess up like I did. Please hit save your stuff if you really enjoy the game, or as soon as you get a new phone, you’re out time and money.


I love this game but it’s glitching after the new update! I can’t access the new Zen level as it says i’m not connected to wifi or i don’t have 35 dragon power (i have 200+) 😭 i’m missing out on the event now and anytime i try to watch an ad for a chalice per say, it won’t let me. it will just say okay and once you press it nothing happens

DO NOT BUY gems!!!!!

3 of my purchases did not give me my credits but they made sure to charge my bank and the game keeps saying my purchase was completed and will be restored but days later still wasn’t and hasn’t been restored or credited back to my bank!!!!

Challenge five is impossible

How do you complete it

cade as novas fases?

o jogo era 5/5 e agora infelizmente ta 3/5 porque trava e não tem atualização de fase faz tempo. já atualizei o aplicativo mais de 3 vezes e nenhuma fase nova, to quase desinstalando 💔

There is a annoying little glitch

I love the game but when a event it says I don’t have internet connection, but I DO!!!!! And I miss out on the event!!!!

Love the game!

Please expand ran out of levels!

Merge dragon Mom

I have to say I never play games but I stumbled across this one on my phone and I am hot cannot put it down I look forward to the events I get hyped up and crazy when I’m playing your events I do not let anybody bother me I managed to get my son a hug which is funny because he actually wasn’t receiving the event offer even though he was online so I went and did some Mickey in so that he could get it and now he’s just the happiest little camper in the world so thank you creator also thank you for making it just a little easier for us to liven up some of the dead land because it was hard on a few of them Please keep up the great work

Ugh. I’m obsessed.

I cannot play for just a few minutes.

Fun to play but...

A lot of the prizes you think you win/ harvest for your home base can only be unlocked with the rare gems, we get it you want money, anything even remotely cool costs at least dozens of them. Most games have about one in level use and one out of level use, this has dozens of in and out of level uses. So for the rarest currency in the game it has TOO many uses.


I need more levels. Stop focusing on events and add more levels. Other than that I love this game

Chalices... waiting forever

I really love the concept of this game and enjoy playing it, but I’m getting bored after just a few days. I don’t like waiting an hour to earn just one chalice. That’s insanely long compared to other games I have played. PLEASEEEE fix this!

L O V E it!!💕

I love this game!! Normally I play games for a few weeks, get bored, and delete them. I found this game on an add from another game and have been hooked since. Please P L E A S E expand the map. I just finished the last level and I’m going back to get 3 stars on everything lol


I love game but takes up lives way too fast. If lives carried over to next level like if you win then you can play more. I would play more if lives were better used or more lives initially 7 lives on one level gets no where


I am completely addicted to this game. No other game has had me playing for sooooo long! Love it! Only downside is that I’ve finished all the levels (not the camp yet) when will there be more levels added?


The thing I don’t like is that I can’t play more then one level it will take 3 hours Intell I can play onther

Need Storage unit!!!

I love this game!!!!! It’s addicting as heck! However, I have such a mess on my dragon camp that I wish there was a storage unit where I can merge things like I do dragons!! Like if I can keep an inventory of everything I have. Again, LOVE THE GAME! Definitely not deleting it anytime soon

Merge Dragons

I enjoy the game and the challenges they do every other week.


I get playing this game and lose track of time. LOL

Drains My Battery Really Fast

This game drains my battery in less then twenty minutes, and it heats up my phone. I almost burnt myself trying to play this game. It is really addicting, and hard to let go, but I think I might delete it. Plus, it takes up a ton of storage!!

Help 😣

Any news on when we might be getting new levels??? I’m terrible at the timed ones. I thought I might end up deleting the game but I love it so much. It’s such a great way to kill a LOT of time. So I’ve kept it and have been just playing on my home base and waiting for new events to come up. It would be awesome if you got new puzzles, but it already looks like you’re kind of doing something already hopefully???

Used to love it...

When I first got this game a while ago, I was obsessed. It was perfect and just what I wanted. Now, I’m extremely disappointed. There are very few events, and when there are they last only a few days, making it impossible to get much out of them. Then there’s the fact that nothing has changed. Only new levels, I have seen no new exciting features or anything of the sort to spice things up a little. And then, the most frustrating part, the glitching. Oh, and don’t forget the lagging. I’m running this on the good processor of an iPhone 8 Plus, and yet the fps is horrific! With the glitching, I’ve noticed that in the shop menu as well as settings, it absolutely refuses to let me scroll to see more items. It will scroll once, and then gives up. I’m curious to see if my notes will be considered, as I would hate to have to quit this lovely game completely after so long of playing...

Little problem

Love the game but I’ve been trying for months to get past challenge 24. Either need more time or need to rearrange some of the matches and items in it. I can’t move on to more levels until I finish that challenge.

Waiting for new levels

I have been playing this game for a several months and love it! But sadly I beat all available levels within a couple months and have been waiting for new levels. I hope they expand soon!

Great game

I really like this game play


It would be 5 but they literally make you buy stuff if you want to keep playing it’s not fair

Merge Dragons Review

Merge Dragons is one of my favorite games and I can’t wait for an update.

Fun but needs improvement

There needs to be a way to earn extra chalices as it takes too long for them to revive. Also, why offer me a power up by watching a video if i deny the video and then i still have to watch a video. Doesnt make sense.

Cool game

Awesome app

Great game but only one problem🙂☝️🙂

This game is amazing but there is only one problem. The problem is that I barely have any dragon gems. In every daily treasure chest, you should be able to get 1-100 dragon gems. Thanks for reading this.

Couldn’t beat it.

I used to love this game! I played it every time my chalices were refilled. But eventually I got to a level I could not beat. After 3 months of trying, I finally gave up. I believe it was challenge level #7. I simply couldn’t beat it. I wish challenge levels were optional. If this has been changed and they are now optional, I would like to know, because I loved this game.

Fun but frustrating...

So I love this game but it makes me so mad in the levels cuz when I want to save something so I could get five of them and save time so I don’t have to get a sixth one a combo bonus always happens. So I recommend that u add a feature to it so that u have to place it on each other to merge it and not just put three in a row. Like in camp I can do that if u put the setting and we should be able to do that In levels too. Also when u save a level u should be able to come back and not have to spend chalices cuz one of the levels are 6 of them and when I save it I have to wait 5-6 hours just to play it again. Thxs for reading (if u read it) 😁

Love it♥️

I’m addicted and play whenever I can.

Enjoyable but

Having dickens of a time acquiring gems. Would love to know how to acquire gems faster. No intention of purchasing them. Altogether pleasant way to pass time.

The game that finally drew me in

Did not disappoint !


Fun and cute. Eats way too much of my time, can’t put it down!


I love the story and concept behind this game, but hate that you have to have it open and on your camp to have your buildings and trees make anything. It’s a battery killer if you don’t have your charger right next to you. I’d appreciate if that could change. Also, maybe more than one dragon at a time be resting and available? It takes so much work to get anything done when 1 your buildings won’t produce anything when you’re not there for hours and 2 you only have one or two dragons available at a time to get anything else harvested. At least the higher level sleeping things. I understand the first level, but why not any others? If you have three level ones, that’s three dragons rested in 20 minutes. One level two is three dragons rested in 45 minutes. It just doesn’t make sense. The chalices also take forever to refill, so unless you spend a ton of real money, you can only play maybe 3-5 levels a day. I’m going to keep playing to see if any of these get fixed, but I might delete it if they don’t.


Kept me up till 2am

Lack of response

Extremely upset that I’ve now sent 3 different messages to support with no response about not getting something in game that I used my money to purchase. The game in itself is pretty great except for so many of the crates requiring so many diamonds and them not being easily acquired unless spending money.

Fun, but....

I’ve lost a few days worth of play, can’t make purchases, and the Cloud Save is a hassle (when it works).


Very addictive can’t wait to see what else I can merge


It’s such a fun game and I beat all the levels can’t wait until there’s more levels to play!!!

Awesome game

Awesome game 1st


The game itself is fun but I can’t get past challenge 21 I understand the concept of paying gems and all that but there is no passing challenge 21 for some odd reason!

Needs events sooner

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this game especially the events! Bring back the fairy tale event I’m stuck on challenge 7 add WAAAAY more time I love the parts when the dragon is screaming 🤣😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 thanks sooo much

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