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So addictive! I love it though 😍

Awesome game

Hey this is an awesome game I just wish there was more levels I've completed all of them and I don't like that to retake levels the more challes you need

Version 2.0

11-21-17 This update feels like a few small improvements and a few BIG drawbacks. On one hand, the daily camp visit reward chests and skippable quests are nice. On the other hand, many levels (which cost chalices to play) have significantly increased cost. You have a maximum of 7 chalices that restore over time (about 20 min. per chalice), unless you use the in-game currency to instantly restore it. However, said in-game currency must either be purchased or earned at random intervals through gameplay. Many of the levels now cost 3-7 chalices to play when before most cost just 1 chalice, some cost 2, and the rare level may cost 3 or more. This severely changes the pace to something of a crawl, unless, of course, you buy more dragon gems. You COULD wait for those dragon stars to drop, but again, it’s a very random chance. They only appear occasionally after you’ve completed a quest, rarely coming in twos or, even more rarely, threes. There’s quests to complete in the levels, but with the raised chalice cost, you can’t play as much in one sitting as you could have before the update. So there’s the camp quests, BUT many of them are long term. The game started off balanced okay, not completely perfect but pretty close for a free mobile game with the usual in-app purchases, but now it feels cumbersome, slow, and heavily weighted in one direction. Suggestions: Smooth things out, even if it’s just a little. Raise the value of dragon gems from 1, 5, 15 to like 5, 10, 20. Make the total chalice stock 10 instead of 7. Include a wait-to-unlock option for the dragon egg chests. Something! Something that makes playing this feel more level instead of pockmarked with sudden dips and steep hills. ————————————— Merge Dragons is an addictive twist on match-3 gaming. Match-3 gameplay and dragons culminate in a largely enjoyable game that has surprisingly endearing moments delivered through the sparse but cute writing sprinkled with a little kid-friendly dark humor every now and then. It's adorable, addictive, and mostly free-to-play with the usual mobile app choice of paying for certain features with the in-game currency which can be earned randomly and saved up or purchased with money. Only one of the features is totally behind a paywall and it's not central to the game really. For the average person, it's a negligible price or a negligible feature. The "premium dragon lands" are accessible after you obtain a certain amount of dragon points, like other areas in game... and after you pay a couple of bucks. In short: 99.9999% free-to-play, surprisingly delightful, highly addictive and cute game, perhaps not for the impatient or those unwilling to wait 10+ minutes for "stamina" features to recharge if they're not one for putting some money into a game, certainly an overall joy to play and come back to. EDIT: Changed and cut out some parts of this review upon learning this isn't the developers very first free-to-play game period - made a dumb assumption and misread some things. FUN FACT: This is the first major free-to-play game from the developers' LONDON STUDIO. Congratulations on finishing the game and producing a well-designed and truly entertaining experience!


I’ve been playing this game for who knows how many months and I have to say that I already LOVE THIS UPDATE!!!!! 💝 Although, all I can think of to add to it is just more levels, faster rate Ruins of the Sky Palace being able to spawn things, higher likelihood of gem stars 💎💫, and the selling of Butterfly Dragon Eggs 🦋 🐉 🥚. Other than that, I would say that this game is perfect! If I could rate 8 stars I definitely would! (No sarcasm. Just honesty. 😇) Oh, and I forgot to mention. Thank you for updating the game! 🙏

Latest update is dumb

"Optimized" chalice cost of levels (to "improve player experience") makes the game nearly unplayable. Either needs to be balanced with an increase in total available chalices or much shorter regeneration time. The thing where merged items sometimes create 2 and you buy the second is pointless. None of those items are worth buying with gems. Very unhappy with the new update.

Not ready for apple?

I really enjoy this game. But my biggest con is how many items require gems. Gems are hard to come by for free and I am unable to purchase any from my iPhone. Either make purchases available or let me earn some gems! I have so much disappointment every time I get an item that needs gems to unlock or activate it!!

A 4

Giving it a 4.. I really enjoy this game when I’m not waiting 15 minutes to play. Only thing I don’t like about it. I want to actually play not wait 15 minutes every time..... Ok I’m updating it from my last review.... I’m deleting the game. The one that was one life to play are now 3-4 and to play a new game is 7 lives and now it’s up to 35 minutes to get 1 life. No thanks. Like I said up above I actually want to play the game. Smh.


This update made it almost impossible to play. The levels take way more chalices and the chalices take longer to regenerate. I won’t be playing anymore until this is rectified. This is too obvious a grab for money.

Pls help

The game is great and all but ever since this new update mine won’t even let me play even when I do have WiFi and I really don’t want to delete the game and start all over again I’ve come so far so if you can please fix this please I really love the game and it’s so awesome and I love the graphics I just wish mine didn’t have to glitch out on me because now I can’t even play it

It’s a fun game but the update makes it harder

So now the chalice (which allows you to play the puzzles) gets refilled slower. So if you are really ahead in the game it take forever to go forward. I get the developer needs to make money but now it’s not as fun if I have to wait forever. Maybe I just need to play more to see if there are things in the game I can use to fill it up faster without real money.

UPDATE READ 2nd PARAGRAPH!! Very easy to, but still very fun and keeps attention all day!

Love it so much. It's a little bit challenging, but not too bad. Very chill game but not so easy you'll get bored of it. The dragons are just precious. Keeps you motivated to breed more and build their village in the clouds! 💕 11-20-17: Clearly I was a HUGE fan of MD and played many months before I even posted this review. But I’m SO DISAPPOINTED AND CONFUSED as to why the creator updated it to where you can only play about 1 or 2 levels before your chalices are completely gone.. It use to take 30 mins, maybe less to fill your chalices up(you need them to play the levels and they regenerate by themselves). Now every level costs 3-7 chalices and all you can hold is 7. You can pay 50+ gems to immediately regenerate them. But I rarely ever have that many gems. They aren’t easy to come by. Unless.... YOU BUY THEM. And that’s clearly what the creator wants you to do! Buy the gems (in app purchase) and refill your chalices like that instead of waiting all day for them to keep regenerating themselves and then being able to play ONE single level once you’ve waited all of that time for them to refill. It’s INSANE. It’s a rip off and it’s so hurtful to someone like me who ADORES this app and plays it constantly. They want my money instead of treating a faithful player right. And trust me, as mad as I am I DO NOT WANT to get rid of this app and have to stop playing the game!! That breaks my heart. But I cannot play like this. It’s impossible. It’s not even A GAME anymore!! It’s absolutely devastating and more than anything CONFUSING!!!! Why?! After all of this time, why would you make the app impossible to enjoy or play? I suppose all for those in app purchases, like I said.


This game has so many bad things about it! This latest update 11/20 set the last straw! Chalices now take a LOT to regenerate, they now each take an hour! RIDICULOUS This is ridiculous! When all your dragons are awake and you can’t track them all they immediately harvest from the lowest level possible! It needs to harvest from the highest if it’s doing it without me telling it! It’s so annoying that they do stuff without my direct input! The game is always begging for you to pay real money for the simplest of things at every chance it can!

Cool Game But...

The game was awesome until they increased the cost of the in game energy it takes to play a level. It takes over 30 minutes to renew one energy and it costs up to four to play a single level. This needs addressed, because it’s very annoying only being able to play two levels every time I try to play the game.

New update is a greedy money grab

‘Optimized’ chalice cost really means each level costs 3-6 times more lives and lives refill ever hour instead of 15 minutes? What a bummer! Was loving this game and spending $$$ on it before but that’s the end of that. Lame move. Very disappointed.

Loved until update

I LOVED this game until the update. Now if you don’t plan on paying real money constantly don’t bother downloading it. You can’t even use the basic features of the game because you need to buy chalices to play which cost gems...which you buy with real money. This was a great game to keep busy and I really enjoyed it.


it’s a p good game

This game is very beautiful!

I love it. Satisfying and can play for short or long time.

Love it!

It's such fun and addicting game! I never feel like I have to pay real money to progress. And the developers are clearly working hard to improve gameplay. HOWEVR, I cannot find any way to contact support if there ever is an issue.

I love the game

The game play is great, I love the way the game plays and there seem to be unlimited things to merge and discover. I absolutely hate that my home camp is riddled with unopened egg chests, gold boxes, etc and I refuse to pay real cash to clear them.

Addicting but Tedious

This game is extremely fun and addicting when you want to mindlessly pass the time. Its simple concept of merging things to create bigger and better things is very amusing. It’s cute, and you can’t go wrong with little dragons. It’s not buggy, or completely littered with ads, and everything runs smoothly. However, the most recent update has left the game borderline unplayable. With the alteration of the amount of chalices required for a level, and the amount of time one must wait for the chalices to refill (an hour for one chalice), it is impossible to play the game. Not to mention the max amount of chalices is 7 and most of the levels that I have gotten access to require 4 a level. Basically, I can play about two levels for every 7 hours — because I do not have the cash to pay for this game, and I am not about to pay 10 dollars for 400 gems (which will no doubt be spent all in a day because of how expensive everything is). This general issue of the wait times do not just apply to the chalices — the wait times for everything (dragons resting, other items recharging on your camp) are so extreme, you are left with two options: pay a ridiculous amount to recharge it once, or wait for 30 minutes to half an hour. The ratio for the amount of time spent waiting compared to actually playing is about 30:1 (minutes), so even if you do spend 10 dollars refilling chalices or waking your dragons up, the pay-off isn’t even worth it. Also, the dragons stamina usage is insane! A baby dragon can perform basically one action before it goes back to sleep (for 20 minutes if you’re just starting). One action! That is by far one of the most tedious aspects of the entire game. Due to the chalices taking hours to refill, you'd have to spend most of your time in the camp trying to expand at even a moderate pace, but due to the dragons’ stamina allowance — the pacing is completely thrown off. I would love to play this game, but given these ridiculous wait times and bad attempts at cash grabs, it is impossible to even progress. If it were up to me, I would at least offer more rewards that include the gems, so I could actually use them for stuff (or you can watch videos to receive them, other games do that), and I would completely change the amount of time it takes to refill your chalices, or the amount of time a dragon rests (you can do that if you upgrade your houses, but it needs resources that I do not have access to at this point). Other than those two substantial grievances, this game could be very fun! The daily chests and ones you receive after a level are very good additions with the recent update, and as stated earlier, the concept of merging things to make more powerful things is incredibly amusing. Just fix the wait times on everything, the game is quite literally unplayable.

Great until this update

Now that it updated I can barely play it. It requires too many stupid chalices to play. Put it back the way it was!

Loved but now upset

The new update has made chalices extremely rare while increasing the number of chalices needed to do anything. Part of the reason I loved this game is there was always something to do and if I ran out of chalices I didn’t have to wait HOURS like other games but it seems like this company is starting to care only about the $$$ and not the joy of the players that this game DID give. Now purple stars are going to be agonizing to earn, you have a choice between doing that or dishing out real money to open the newest real money expense when you merge and get a potential free copy. Very upset right now, I could handle 20 or even 30 mins for a chalice but an hour? When you need more than ever to play a single level? Please fix this ASAP

Was one of my favorite games

Was one of my favorite games. Now with this new update I lose random chests I've earned and the amount of chalices for each level now makes the whole game not worth playing. We only get a max 7 chalices, cost 3-5 per play now. Only get to play once, maybe twice every so many hours. Not worth it anymore. I've put a lot of money into the game, not willing to if that's how it'll be played. Also have not seen the quest giver yet.

Money money money

If you like matching games this is a good one with multiple levels of matching needed but your going to devote a lot of time or a lot of money to feel like your making any sort of progress. Up until the latest update the game has had a huge “give us your real money” vibe with the island below the camp area (which should have a turn off feature) but with the new update it’s worse want to skip a quest that requires you to use in game currency to open chests? Well now you can but first you’ll need a bunch of in game currency to do so.. there’s a way to get it though playing the game but it’s 5 or 6 every couple days if your lucky.

Purchase gems

I made a purchase and have yet to get my gems. I have tried contacting developers several times with no response. If they see this, I want my money back! $53.11


I am addicted

Add more!

I finished everything and i can’t wait for more to come out. Pleaseee add more

Marge draggens

I think this game is really satisfing and fun


Needs more dragon eggs


This game is awesome


I’ve got so many dragons that every morning they’re all awake and they harvest so much that it’s actually slowing down my app. It would be so much better if you improved the “smoking chimney” concept so that they don’t actually leave the house to begin with unless called. Really great game though, I’d love to play more if I could actually control my dragons.

Too many chests

I like the game as a whole with the exception of the pay to unlock chests - I’m literally overrun by them and at this point I’m stopping playing. It’s a money grab only - stay away until they address this nonsense

Wonderful game

This game is great!!! Once you try it, you will keep coming back to it over and over again!! Keep those levels coming!! I love playing each one.

Lack of support

They don’t respond to their support tickets or forum post even when it’s an issue with having paid for something and not receiving it


I love this game, it’s always so fun but lately when I’m on my home camp I can’t move the screen, I can only zoom in to one spot. It makes it difficult to maneuver the camp and it’s becoming increasingly frustrating. I hope it’s fixed some time soon. It does the same with the levels too I just found out. Another thing is that you don’t really earn enough gems to open chests and you earn ALOT of chests. I have about 30+ chests taking up space because I can’t open them.

Warrior princess loves this!

Addicting, can’t put it down!

Best game

It so fun I can't stop playing

Not making any more IAPs

Edit on 10/26/17: since the latest update around 5 days ago cloud save hadn't worked & that makes me nervous ... I'm peeved. I spent several dollars and bought a bunch of gems, opened up a 60 gem box and it had items that could've been gotten free in it. Did the same today with the remaining 45 or so that I had & it happened again. Absolutely uncool. Green or grass eggs?! Seriously?? No. Wallet: closed.

So addicting!

No time for a review, gotta get back to the game!

Battery drainer and addicting

It frustrates at times when it initiates a merge premature or when it decides to not merge. So far almost every minute spent costs a battery percentage on the iPhone 8. That alone makes me wish I’d found something else to get addicted to.

Fun but too many consumables

Pros - The premise of this game is a lot of fun if you like collecting things, puzzles, or dragons (who doesn’t!?). There are different kinds of game play with different challenges and rewards (camp v. world map levels). It’s fun to level up the items, especially the dragons. Cons - The problem comes in that at every turn the game is hungry for real cash (dragon greed?) to buy the in game currency. Want to open a (maybe useful) chest? Pay! (Rewards from chest stink? Pay more!) The mining aspect is cool, but beware that the dragons don’t necessarily mine from the highest level things (i.e., level 2 flowers and level 9 flowers... and they’ll pick the level 2 flowers). It’s annoying when the difference between the result of mining from a low level or high level item is dramatic, and you only have so many moves without letting the dragons sleep to recharge (of course, you can pay to wake them). Not spending money is an option... just not if you want to move along at a satisfying pace. Would be a lot more fun IMO if the dragons defaulted to mine highest level things; less consumables or more in-game currency rewarded for achievements; or at least make it so that when one does spend money the “reward” is fair (try opening a low level egg chest? Think it’ll be better to open the big one, right? Well... maybe... though a bunch of rain puddles and some random low level junk didn’t seem worth the equivalent cash).

The truth behind this game

It's a really fun game it's a time killer but there is a catch to actually getting far into it and it's to save the gems til the end. Use the levels to gather materials like stone and coins as you play them and unless you intend to spend money on this game save your gems for the medium to large dragon cheat the small ones are a waste just sell them for cash good luck guys and gals

Complex and fast-paced!

Love this game! Have not had to spend any money to have fun!

Fun, addictive, and entertaining

Its a very entertaining and fun game!

Great game

This game is great! One downside is that in the camp you can’t open any egg chests without gems, and gems are very hard to come by. Other than that this is my favorite game

Merge dragons

I LOVE this game.. as with any game, I wish it didn't make it so you nearly have to spend money.. this one to buy gems to open chests for needed eggs. Dragons rest a lot, could be available more and wish you could use the game tokens/magic coins to buy ALL types of eggs, not just a few.. but very addicting game still!!

Is good

Takes a lot of time and effort but it feels like there’s real strategy.

Fun game no support

I had purchased an in game item and hadn’t received it and had tried to get contact straight away but with no response in the past 5 days

Was my favorite: updated

Update! They have change the feature to be able to view info about items and sell again! Let the merging begin! Woo!! I’ve already spent a decent amount of money on this game because I enjoy it... what is not cool is no longer being able to sell egg chests and they pop up every where at camp and now I’m running out of space and I’m getting irritated!! I will change rating when issue is resolved. Also I liked it better when I could sell any items or have more info about it just by clicking on it.


Very addicting game but really good

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